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ValleyHunting Area

Big Country Outfitters operates in some of the best big game country in central British Columbia. A lot of careful research went into the acquisition of these 2 distinct guide areas. Our goal is to be able to offer clients adventurous hunts that fit there needs, we feel having more then one geographic area helps us accomplish our objective. No matter the hunting camp, BCO ensures a top-notch outdoor adventure for our clients.

Baker Creek hunting camp is located in the region known as the north Chilcotin and is apart of the Fraser plateau. The terrain consists of hundreds of lakes and streams, rolling timbered hills, spruce swamps with willow flats, and logging cuts of various ages. There are just enough roads with the area to allow for us to travel to prime locations.This area simply keeps getting better, with proper management the big game is becoming more diverse (we are seeing some great bull elk) and increasing in numbers. The future for this area and it’s hunting, fishing, and trapping have never been brighter.

Big River hunting camp is located in central BC, in the geographic center of the province. This area ranges from agricultural land to logging cuts, river bottoms to mountains. Our research has not failed us here, this area will produce big game for many years to come. This territory has it all, including; big critters, remote wilderness, world class fishing and wing shooting. 

Depending on the type of hunt and the species we are pursuing, we will discuss with the client which camp would better suit their needs. Clients should keep in mind that their success is what is on our minds and after our summer scouting, we may suggest a change in plans in regards to the camp we hunt out of.

We Buy the wolf tag!.......BCO understands the importance of proper wildlife management and because of that we buy all our clients wolf tags. Wolf hunting will occur during the hunt of your primary animal, after which, a client can choose to pay an additional $250 per day to continue to look for wolves.

BCO reserves the right to switch guides during the hunt in case of emergency.

 Getting There; if you are driving up, we are about 12 hours north of the Washington State border. Get on Hwy 97 north, you will either meet us in Quesnel (1 hour south of Prince George) or Vanderhoof (1 hour west of Prince George). Plan to arrive in camp a day before your hunt starts. We will share additional directions as needed.

Flights; for clients that choose to fly, West Jet and AirCanada from Vancouver to Prince George flights are available 6 flights per day. We will meet you and pick you up fropm the airport the day before you hunt starts and plan to fly out the day after you last day hunting.


Gear List

ScopesA good hunter is a prepared hunter. In order to give you the best and most comfortable overall experience we ask that you bring the following items. If there is an issue bringing any of the dry goods and hardware listed please let us know in advance and we will be happy to make other arrangements for you if possible. My grandpa always used to say ‘check the list twice, go out the front door once!’

Your Checklist:

  • Good, well worn waterproof hiking boots and / or light snow pack boots
  • 1 pair camp shoes
  • 5 pair wool Socks, 5 pair standard socks,
  • 5 pair underwear & 2 pair long underwear
  • 3 wool type shirts
  • 2 T - shirts
  • Weather proof pants
  • 2 pair jeans
  • Goat Caping1 pair wool pants
  • Rain Suit
  • 1 Pair Wool Gloves
  • 1 Pair Water Proof Gloves
  • heavy jackets (wool / down)
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Good quality sleeping bag
  • Day pack
  • Camera / film & binoculars 8x
  • Flashlight and exta batteries
  • Skinning knife
  • Matches & lighter
  • Firearm & 40 Rounds of ammo
  • Pain killers
  • A smile & some old-fashioned enthusiasm

We work with a great company that can help supply clients with the gear they may need for their BC hunt, check out ProGuideDirect.